June 07, 2010

Communication Arts Award

This came in the mail today. Woefully, I have no lobby in which clients can admire it while they wait, so I am hanging it here, in my virtual lobby.

June 03, 2010


This week's Stranger Magazine has a feature on the worst popes through history, by hilarious and talented writer Lindy West. I got to pick three of the most photogenic popes (from a surprisingly long list that began in 157 a.d.) for portraits.

June 02, 2010

Beards! + 1 Correction

I just sent out a new email campaign, featuring Beards in all of their tonsorial glory. Woefully, I blundered in one credit. This fellow, Chef Pietoso, was a commission from Cincinnati Magazine, not Cleveland Magazine. Sheesh, you'd never know I was from the midwest. My apologies, Grace!